Inner Voice

Inner Voice: Wireless Interactive Wearable Technology

This project is called “Inner Voice” which is an e-textile project consisting of a glove connected to a bracelet as a signal sender, 8 pieces of light modules in tetrahedron shapes installed on a dress and a belt as a signal receiver. With “Inner Voice”, we can express self-conscious emotions in a more polite way without ruining others’ moods whether in a party or a public space simply by using different kinds of hand gestures to light up various patterns remotely. For this project, I replaced all the jumper wires and breadboards with conductive fabrics, yarns and self-made PCB shields to make everything in order.




Digital Fabrication Showcase 2021” Espoo, Finland
Väre arts building, Aalto University11/2021

Aalto Media Lab Winter Demo Day 2020” Espoo, Finland
Online Exhibition12/2020

Wearable Technology and Functional Wear Course Exhibition” Espoo, Finland
Väre arts building, Aalto University10/2020

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